Living Room - The Forest

Two minutes of frantic, toxic riff with the urgency of an alarm bell in Hades. Sometimes that's just all you need. And here's one of those sometimes. Ahhh... hits the spot. There's an impressive whiff of genuine disturbance at work in this hit-and-run single as the near-inaudible singer seems to scream his frenzied love of "choc-o-layate". Never has a fetish for Mars Bars seemed so viscerally poignant.

This is a great stab of fast disturbo-pop, which of course so very often stales when the band re-produces the "shock" every time. I dearly hope The Forest manage to spawn enough innovation to back up the genuine excitement this release inspires within us. Go on boys; you can do it.

[First published on Sounds XP, 2005] Back