Why do you love me? - Garbage

Garbage were never the greatest but their sleek, noir slices of electro-grunge were certainly palatable enough in the over-rated Brit-pop era of the mid 90s from which they sprang. At least there was a sense of drama absent from their "ironic" contemporaries. So they seemed more deserving of a comeback than most.

Not with this though. This is awful. All subtlety gone, this is chugging sub-metal dreck that sounds like a Joan Jett reject. And the lyrics:- "Why do you love me? You're driving me crazy".... Well, let us trouble your mental state no more Shirley dear. If this is representative of the new album then they're finally living up to their name. A cheap shot, but they're bleedin' asking for it.

[First published on Sounds XP, 2005]